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Car Diagnostics Chippenham

If your car is experiencing running faults, and you can’t determine the cause, then you need car diagnostics in Chippenham. Prestige Bodyworks can get to the bottom of all your mechanical and electrical issues by careful testing and through use of our state-of-the-art diagnostics computer. Years of experience in the auto repair industry means our fault-finding skills are second-to-none. Not to mention, we can combine diagnostics with expert mechanical repairs and servicing, providing you with a one-stop-shop. Long gone are the days where we would have to completely take your vehicle to pieces to find a fault. Instead, we can now use a combination of diagnostics to indicate the location of the fault, and our extensive experience to pinpoint the cause and complete the necessary repair work. So, for reliable and affordable car diagnostics and repair, call our team today.

What is A Car Diagnostics Test?

Most vehicles, particularly modern vehicles, have an ECU onboard, which controls and interlinks vehicle operating systems electronically. If one of these systems should develop a fault this is recognised by the ECU and recorded as a code. When your vehicle is not performing as it should, we can plug it into our vehicle diagnostics machine and, using the error codes, identify the location of the issue for further investigation. Car troubleshooting is a great way to get on top of issues before they become more serious. Furthermore, diagnostics can identify issues you hadn’t yet been able to detect, saving money on more costly repairs. Call us today to book a car diagnostics test for your vehicle.

Car Warning Lights

Car warning lights are an indicator that something is not running as it should. Warning lights on your dashboard will typically show in amber or red. Whereas, green and blue lights simply indicate a system is in use. If an amber light shows, this suggests that something needs to be dealt with as soon as possible, such as servicing, or tyre pressures. However, should a red light appear, then you should cease driving the vehicle and seek repairs immediately. Continuing to drive the vehicle could not only cause more serious vehicle damage but could also be dangerous for the vehicle occupants if systems were to fail while the vehicle was in use. If you have car warning lights showing on your dashboard, call us today for advice and to arrange a diagnostics check.

Engine Diagnostics 

Can Tell You…

Engine diagnostics can tell you if there is a fault with:

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Our competitive prices, customer service and high standards of workmanship make us the best choice for diagnostics and car repair. So, contact Prestige Bodyworks today to arrange car diagnostics in Chippenham for your vehicle.

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