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Car Air Conditioning Service Chippenham

Recharge your air con with our car air conditioning services in Chippenham. From debugging and leak detection, to regassing and other repair solutions, our Zircon air con recharge service will get your system performing as it should. Over time, a vehicle’s air conditioning can lose its power and efficiency, so, if your system is faulty or blowing out warm air then get in touch with us to arrange a service. We can fully examine, repair, clean and regas your system with the appropriate gas for your vehicle, all for a competitive price. Get in touch with us or pop into our garage for additional information or to arrange a free quote.

What Do Our Car Air Con Services Cover?

Just a few things our services cover include:

With our comprehensive diagnostics service, we will inspect the entire system to determine what is stopping your unit from performing optimally and carry out all the repair work and regassing that your system needs.

Free Vehicle Air Conditioning Temperature Checks

Not sure if your unit is running as it should? Then pop in for a free temperature check. We can perform a free check to ensure your air-con unit is working as it should. If the temperature indicates that it has a fault or needs regassing, we can provide a free quote for the service.

How Often Do I Need a Re-Gas?

Most vehicle manufacturers recommend a service and recharge every two years. This is because 10% of the gas can be lost annually and using the system will eventually pollute it with deposits and bacteria. Keeping your system serviced will ensure it emits clean air that will keep you cool in the warmer months and will also help to clear your windscreen quicker on cold mornings.

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